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BuBBles Revolution

Marco Zoppi and Rolanda are world renowned Bubble Artist duo. To this day they have performed "BuBBles Revolution" show in 4 different continents and 60 countries around the world. New York, Las Vegas, Beijing, Dubai, Moscow, Paris, Madrid, Hong Kong are just a few of the places where "BuBBles Revolution" show received applauses from millions of spectators.
 "BuBBles Revolution" leads the audience onto a journey into the magical world of soap bubbles, a fantastic dimension where everything is possible and imagination has no limits.

The Show: general info 

  • Name of the show: BuBBles - Revolution 
  • Type of the show: Bubbles & Magic Show 
  • Producer: Marco Zoppi / Bubbles Factory 
  • Performers: Marco Zoppi & Rolanda Sabaliauskaite 
  • Technical Director: Paolo Jacobazzi 
  • Duration: 75 min without intermission 
  • Audience: Families
  • Technical Rider: Available upon request



Marco Zoppi was born in Palermo, Sicily, but since 2011 lives in Rome. He became passionate about magic at the age of 8 years old when his parents gave him as a present for Christmas a Magic Box full of magic tricks. During the years to follow Marco studied chemistry at school and university and after an unexpected discovery of the magical world of soap bubbles - he invented his own "magical formula" - a concentrate for giant soap bubbles that allowed him to create and perform the very first version of "BuBBles Revolution" (that in the beginning was called "BuBBles"). Meeting with Rolanda in 2011 completed this magical adventure that brought "BuBBles Revolution" to light and stages around the world!


Rolanda was born in Vilnius, Lithuania. She discovered Magic at the age of 14 years old and since then she kept studying this Art form. Before meeting Marco in 2011 and moving to Rome to work on the creative evolution of the show "BuBBles Revolution" Rolanda graduated from Vilnius University with Bachelors degree in Psychology. 
Now Rolanda takes the role of the magician in "BuBBles Revolution" show who creates fascinating illusions with soap bubbles. Apart from Magic and Bubbles Rolanda brings another Art form to the show - the Light Painting. It is a speed painting technique that allows to use light
as ink and create glow in the dark drawings.
A performance not to be missed! 


In 2014 Marco Zoppi and Rolanda had the honor to receive the prestigious Merlin Award as "Best European Bubble Artists". This award was given to them by International Magicians Society of New York as a recognition for their unique and magical performance style of the Art of Bubbles.

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BuBBles Revolution

Official promo video of the show

TV Show

Le Plus Grand Cabaret du Monde, Paris


One of her acts: the Flying Linking Rings

Quebec City, Canada

Standing ovation at the end of the show at
Le Capitol theatre of Quebec City, Canada

Dublin, Ireland

End of the show at the
National Concert Hall di Dublin, Irleland

Turin, Italy

Gala Act finale at the
Royal Palace of Turin, Italy

Dumbo, Disney Movie

Promo video for social medias made for Disney for the promotion of the movie "Dumbo"

Princess Cruises

Intro video used at the beginning of the show on board of Princess Cruises ships

Theme Parks

Promo video of the show at Bobbejaanland amusement park in Lichtaart, Belgium



Magic Festivals, Dinner Shows, Gala Shows, Varieties, TV Productions, Theme Parks, Cruise Ships... "BuBBles Revolution" can be adapted to any occasion!
Marco Zoppi & Rolanda can offer many different performances that have a duration from 3 to 45 minutes that can be personalized to fit perfectly every event!
Their gala performance requires only 30 seconds time to be set on stage. And after their performance the stage will be dry and clean - ready for the next act to step up! 

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Rome, Italy