Marco Zoppi was born in Palermo, Sicily, but since 2011 lives in Rome. He became passionate about magic at the age of 8 years old when his parents gave him as a present for Christmas a Magic Box full of magic tricks. During the years to follow Marco studied chemistry at school and university and after an unexpected discovery of the magical world of soap bubbles - he invented his own "magical formula" - a concentrate for giant soap bubbles that allowed him to create and perform the very first version of "BuBBles Revolution" (that in the beginning was called "BuBBles"). Meeting with Rolanda in 2011 completed this magical adventure that brought "BuBBles Revolution" to light and stages around the world! 


Rolanda was born in Vilnius, Lithuania. She discovered Magic at the age of 14 years old and since then she kept studying this Art form. Before meeting Marco in 2011 and moving to Rome to work on the creative evolution of the show "BuBBles Revolution" Rolanda graduated from Vilnius University with Bachelors degree in Psychology.
Now Rolanda takes the role of the magician in "BuBBles Revolution" show who creates fascinating illusions with soap bubbles. Apart from Magic and Bubbles Rolanda brings another Art form to the show - the Light Painting. It is a speed painting technique that allows to use light as ink and create glow in the dark drawings. A performance not to be missed!